The Screens
By Jean Genet
Translated by Paul Schmidt

Director: Kathryn Hamilton
Set Designer: Damon Pelletier
Light Designer: Bruce Steinberg
Costume Designer: Melissa Trn
Sound Designer: Jude Traxler
Vocal Design: Kjersti Kveli
Dramaturg: Ellen Joffred
Casting Director: Arienne Pelletier
General Manager: Malissa O’Donnell
Stage Manager: Sarah Helgesen
Assistant Stage Managers: Amy Steinman, Natalie Zhang

Cast: Adele Jayle, Amanda Boekelheide, Amira Nader,
BrandtAdams, Caitlin H. Michener, Chongsi Chang,
Christine Ryndak*, Cyrus Moshrefi, Devin Burnam, Elsa
Carette, George Frye, Isabel Sanchez, James ‘Face’ Yu,
Jeancarlo Gutierrez, Jennifer La Fleur*, Jenny Gomez,
Julien Marcland, Madeleine James, Malo De La Tullaye,
Nick Lehane*, Pooja Karina, Seth Miller, Tania Garrido,
and Terence Mintern.

* Appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Kathryn Hamilton is originally from London. She has directed and taught workshops in the U.S., U.K., Nepal and India. Most recent work includes One Fat Day in Babylon, performed in an abandoned library in Harlem; Boxman, a devised piece based
on Kobo Abe’s novel of the same name; and a developmental workshop of The Screens at a summer residency at Salem Art Works, NY. She is a resident artist at Flux Factory, Queens. She completed her B.A. at Cambridge University and has also studied in Kerala at Natanakairali with G. Venu and in Japan on Min Tanaka’s Body Weather Farm.
A 26-member cast of actors, artists, musicians and dancers re-imagine Jean Genet’s last work. "A poetic combustion so strong and dense that it will illuminate the world of the dead.” Welcome to a world in which becoming a hero is the worst of all fates and betrayal the ultimate triumph.

The Screens, set during the Algerian War, is a sharply humorous exorcism of today’s taboos seen through Genet’s subversive glee. This production will present the unpublished translation used by JoAnne Akalaitis’ notable production of the work at the Guthrie in 1989.

Photos by Jill Steinberg.

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