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AFTERWARD By McFeely Sam Goodman

Written largely in the first person from Sam’s experience as a childhood cancer survivor, Afterward mixes medical memoir with scenes which use superhero movie tropes to explore the themes of illness, trauma, survivorship, and anxiety.

About the playwright

McFeely Sam Goodmanís plays include America Breathing (TheMartin E. Segal Center), Special Cheese (CATCH, Hearth Gods,Columbia), Brunchtime Is Over(Columbia), and The Pickle (LittleTheatre at Dixon Place), all directed by Sarah Hughes, as wellas Where Are We Now? (chashama Summer Performance SeriesResidency) directed by Marina McClure. A work-in-progress excerpt of Afterward was presented in October at Prelude 2015. As an assistant director and dramaturg, he has worked with Half Straddle, Sibyl Kempson, Radiohole, and The Riot Group.


Thursday, 4/21 @ 3pm
Saturday, 4/23, @ 7:30pm
Sunday, 4/24 @ 2:30pm


USUAL GIRLS By Ming Peiffer

Usual Girls is a collage-like meditation on early female sexuality and the social conditioning that teaches women to function as sexual objects in our society. A seemingly traditional coming-of-
age narrative, the playís story is complicated when the creators of the show (Director and Playwright) begin interjecting their own real-life experiences with sex and abuse, hijacking the fictional narrative, and turning it into a multi-faceted look at what it means to grow up female in our world.

About the playwright

Ming Peiffer is the Co-Artistic Director and Resident Playwright of the critically-acclaimed Spookfish Theatre Company and a proud member of EST's Youngblood. Her plays have been produced at and/or commissioned by HERE, The Flea, The Wild Project, FringeNYC, Alchemical Theatre Lab, Yangtze Rep, Kraine Theater, Theater for the New City, Under St. Mark's, among others. Her plays have been developed at The Lincoln Center Director's Lab and NPTC's Women's Work Project. Ming is the recipient of The Kennedy Center's Paul Stephen Lim Playwriting Award and a New York Theatre Workshop 2050 Fellow.


Friday, 4/22 @ 3pm
Friday, 4/22 @ 8pm
Saturday, 4/23 @ 2:30pm


Home from a long stint in the Amazon, Nick is sunburnt, bug-bitten, and ready for his grandmotherís pumpkin pie. But when a hunting trip goes awry, he is given no other choice but to start anew and make a family he can call his own. What does it take to survive in a forest where the trees seem more kindred than his own relatives?

About the playwright

Ben Hoover is a writer and neuroscientist who uses scientific experimentation and collaboration to make live performances. His work includes MIDLIFE (upcoming at Single Carrot Theatre in Baltimore, MD and also as a Main Stage play at the 2016 Great Plains Theatre Conference), A STATE OF BECOMING (Shanghai Theatre Academy), and IN ONE SENSE (Columbia). He is the Artistic Apprentice at Roundabout Theatre Company. His scientific writing on glioma cancers, Lou Gehrigís disease, and multiple sclerosis have been published in Neuron, Journal of Neurosurgery, and Journal of Neurochemistry.


Tuesday, 4/26 @ 8pm
Wednesday, 4/27 @ 2:30pm
Sunday, 5/01 @ 8pm

NO CANDY By Emma Stanton

At the center of No Candy is a multi-generational community of Bosnian Muslim women who survived the Srebrenica genocide and, years later, run a souvenir shop near the Srebrenica memorial. While this play is about how trauma inhabits the body and shapes a community, it is also about the persistence of humor, art, and absurdity in an unimaginable time.

About the playwright

Emma Stanton is a Chicago and New York theater artist. She has worked with such companies as American Theater Company, About Face Theatre, Double Edge Theater, Steppenwolf Theatre, En Garde Arts, and Walkabout Theater, of which she is Associate Artistic Director. She was a recipient of a Civics and Arts Foundation Playwriting Award for Emerging Artists in Chicago and a semi-finalist for a Princess Grace Award. Currently, Emma is writing for Walkabout Theater Company's show, Cure, and teaching a documentary theater class in Harlem Public Schools. Mentor: Caridad Svich.


Thursday, 4/28 @ 2:30pm
Saturday, 4/30 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, 5/01 @ 2:30pm

UN-UTERO By Kristin Slaney

Best friends Mel and Becca live in a town where all Planned Parenthood locations have recently shut down. When Mel becomes pregnant, Becca decides to donate her eggs under the table to help Mel pay for an abortion.  UN-UTERO is a comedy about fertility, feminism, female friendship, and Susan Miller horoscopes.

About the playwright

Kristin Slaney is a playwright originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her plays have been produced and developed in New York and Canada at Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Flea Theatre, The Tank, Columbia University, Dalhousie University, the University of Alberta, Shipís Company Theatre, Eastern Front Theatre,Halifax for Young People, and DaPoPo Theatre. Kristin is a mem-
ber of ESTís Youngblood, and UN-UTERO has been named a semifinalist for the Eugene OíNeill Theater Centerís 2016 National Playwrights Conference.


Friday, 4/29 @ 2:30pm
Friday, 4/29 @ 8pm
Saturday, 4/30 @ 2:30pm

TREES IN THEIR YOUTH By Dominic Finocchiaro

Who were you in high school? What do you remember? What have you chosen to forget? Four seniors navigate the perils of privilege, race, gender, and sexuality as they struggle to come of age in their cloistered Bay Area town.

About the playwright

Dominic Finocchiaro is a Brooklyn-based playwright, per- former, and freelance dramaturg. His full-length plays include brother brother, complex, Exotic, The Found Dog Ribbon Dance, and The Lucky Ladies (someday you will be loved). His plays have been developed around the country, including with Actors Theatre of Louisville, the Lark Play Development Center, the National New Play Network, Portland Center Stage, the Flea Theater, the Kennedy Center, the Amoralists, and the UCross Foundation. He is a current member of the Civilianís R & D Group and the Larkís Monthly Meeting of the Minds and is represented by Alexis Williams at Bret Adams, Ltd.


Tuesday, 5/03 @ 8pm
Wednesday, 5/04 @ 2:30pm
Sunday, 5/08 @ 8pm

INVINCIBLE ONES By Samantha Cooper

Reeling from their best friendís death, a group of women face what their lives look like in the aftermath. In the wake of loss, they each attempt to answer seemingly unanswerable questions: Who will give the eulogy? Will they ever be able to live alone? Why did that girlís brother show up? Drawing on roller derby culture, Invincible Ones explores the way we handle grief, guilt, and a constant drip.

About the playwright

Samantha Cooper is a playwright and theatre cross-trainer originally from Cheney, Washington. She received her B.A. from Western Washington University (WWU) in 2010. Samantha has been affiliated with organizations such as: Annex Theatre, The Barrow Group, Blood Ensemble, Book-It Repertory Theatre, Disquiet International Literary Program (2015 Short List), Last Frontier Theatre Conference (2015 Play Lab), Macha Monkey Productions, Northwest Playwrights Alliance, and Seattle Repertory Theatre. Find her online at: www.samantha-


Thursday, 5/05 @ 2:30pm
Saturday, 5/07 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, 5/08 @ 2:30pm


When Iolaus is killed in combat, Laodamia becomes the first woman to be widowed by the Trojan War. How she deals with her grief echoes through history and myth for millennia. Inspired by fragments from Euripidesí lost play Protesilaos, The Laodamiad explores love, war, and loss.

About the playwright

Chas LiBretto is a writer and performer based in New York. He is the co-founder of Psittacus Productions, and an alum of Ars Nova and Theater Masters. His writing has been produced and developed at Lincoln Center Education, Ars Nova, Pasadena Playhouse, New Ohio, Live Source, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Vineyard Theatre, New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF), Theater Masters, littlefield, Ugly Rhino, Columbia University, The Sargent Theatre, Musical Theatre Factory, Son of Semele Theatre, The Lost Colony, and the Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study.


Friday, 5/06 @ 2:30pm
Friday, 5/06 @ 8pm
Saturday, 5/07 @ 2:30pm


Grey Lady, Hither Ditch & The Next War constitute a trilogy of plays that explores the intersection of war and medicine across three different wars and 150 years. Set during the Civil War, the First World War and the War in Afghanistan, these plays delve into the tragedy, comedy, mystery and romance of life and death at the front lines, in field hospitals and at home.

About the playwright

Kate Mulley is a playwright, producer, dramaturg and founding member of Vox Theater. Her plays have been performed throughout the US and internationally at theaters including Dixon Place, the Flea, Northern Stage, Theatre503 and the Soho Theatre. Kate has been a Fellow at Shanghai Theatre Academy, a Tennessee Williams Scholar at the Sewanee Writers Conference and a finalist for the Juilliard Playwriting Fellowship. She graduated from Dartmouth with a degree in Theater and History and received an MA in Writing for Performance from Goldsmiths College, London.


Wednesday, 5/11 @ 2:30pm
Friday, 5/13 @ 8pm
Saturday, 5/14 @ 2:30pm


An American who teaches English at a high school in Xiían, China, and a Chinese who works in New York City. Theyíre in different countries, yet their journeys intersect and intertwine as they meet different people along the way. A play about family and being a foreigner, and perhaps most importantly, about how we make sense of our existence as we journey through life.

About the playwright

Hongyi Tian hails from Xiían, China. His works include Wutopia, Yossarian and Bardamu, Familiar Strangers, Long Night in the Rye, Blue Snow, and At 30,000 Feet, We Meet and Depart. Hongyi assisted Taiwanese playwright/director Stan Lai at the 2015 Wuzhen Theatre Festival in October, and hosted one of the Wuzhen Dialogues featuring Thomas Ostermeier. Since November, Hongyi has been working as Stan Laiís assistant at Theatre Above, a brand new theatre located at the heart of Shanghai. Hongyi is also translating Stephanie Arnoldís The Creative Spirit: An Introduction to Theatre, which will be published by the Foreign Language Teaching and Researching Press.


Thursday, 5/12 @ 2:30pm
Thursday, 5/12 @ 8pm
Saturday, 5/14 @ 7:30pm


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